DMX-Controlled Car Headlights

In my school's production of Grease, we are fabricating the front of a car set-piece using the front grill and headlights pulled from a scrapyard. I've wired these to be operated via DMX using a high current power supply, a 12 channel DMX power distributor, and a wireless DMX512 transmitter/receiver. These will be synced with… Continue reading DMX-Controlled Car Headlights

Rombutnics Dawg – Slack App

A custom Slack app that utilizes the OpenAI Davinci model to produce playful responses to certain messages as a "bro" - In Progress On my school's robotics team (FRC #4990), we joke about the use of language found in what we call "bro culture" amongst our peers. To celebrate this, I am programming a custom… Continue reading Rombutnics Dawg – Slack App

ROS-Enabled Robot

A Heavy Duty Smart Robot - In Progress This is a relatively large and heavy duty robotic system that will eventually feature ROS and lidar-based SLAM navigation. Featuring four brushless outrunner hub motors which are commonly found on Segways and hoverboards, this robot can theoretically carry hundreds of pounds at human walking speed. The v-slot… Continue reading ROS-Enabled Robot

Set of The Dragon

Originally written in Russia, The Dragon is a play which serves as a commentary on tyranny and misinformation. The set features a door that can be safely shattered, electronic lights, haze and smoke effects, and platforms for multiple actors to move around on. There are even three foam dragon heads that are dropped from the… Continue reading Set of The Dragon