Rombutnics Dawg – Slack App

A custom Slack app that utilizes the OpenAI Davinci model to produce playful responses to certain messages as a “bro– In Progress

On my school’s robotics team (FRC #4990), we joke about the use of language found in what we call “bro culture” amongst our peers. To celebrate this, I am programming a custom Slack app named “Rombutnics Dawg” which chooses certain Slack messages to respond to, then makes a call to the OpenAI GPT3 API to come up with a playful response to it that is gratuitously filled with words like ‘dawg’, ‘bro’, ‘dude’, ‘sweat’, and ‘crushing’.


Slack MessageRombutnics Dawg Response
“I won’t be at shop hours today, so somebody please fill me in on what’s happening.”“Yo dude, I feel you. Don’t sweat it, someone’s got your back, bro. We’ll keep you posted, dawg.”
“I am having trouble writing the code for our autonomous setup.”“Yo dawg, just figure it out. It’s not that hard.”
“Luna got into some cookies and has to go to the vet. I will be 15-20 minutes late.”“Yo, bro, Luna’s got a sweet tooth, huh? Don’t sweat it, we can wait 15-20, no problem, dude. Take care of your pup and get back to crushing it with us, dawg.”

Before deploying it to our Slack server, I am focusing on filtering and refining the answers it can return to avoid the possibility of the creation of hurtful messages. In doing this, I am providing it with a variety of difficult messages and modifying the prompt as needed to yield an upbeat response.

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